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Affiliate Marketing Communities in 2023

  • AffiliateFix:

    • A forum dedicated to affiliate marketing where members discuss strategies, networks, and tools. It's a great place for both beginners and experienced marketers.

  • Stack That Money (STM):

    • One of the most well-known premium affiliate marketing forums. STM covers a wide range of topics, from mobile and social to SEO and e-commerce. It's particularly known for its case studies and success stories.

  • Warrior Forum:

    • While not exclusively about affiliate marketing, the Warrior Forum has a large section dedicated to it. It's one of the oldest internet marketing forums and covers a broad range of online marketing topics.

  • Reddit's r/Affiliatemarketing:

    • A subreddit dedicated to affiliate marketing. It's a good place to ask questions, share resources, and learn from other affiliate marketers.

  • Affilorama:

    • Offers training, software, and support for affiliate marketers. Their forum is a good place to connect with other affiliates and get advice.

  • Affiliate Guard Dog:

    • Focuses on the online casino affiliate niche. It's a community where members can discuss casino programs, commissions, and other related topics.

  • Digital Point:

    • A large forum covering various aspects of online marketing, including a section for affiliate marketing.

  • Affbank:

    • A platform that provides a collection of offers from different affiliate networks. They also have a community where affiliates can discuss various topics.

  • Affiliate Summit:

    • While primarily known for their conferences, Affiliate Summit also has online resources and a community aspect where affiliates can network and learn.

  • Facebook Groups:

  • There are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to affiliate marketing. Some popular ones include "Affiliate Marketing Ninjas", "Affiliate Marketing Professionals", and "ClickBank Success". Joining these groups can provide insights, tips, and networking opportunities.

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